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Okay, so maybe you think you're a junglist. Or maybe you think you know some things about the rough world of drum 'n bass. Or maybe you don't and you're in a giant junglistic ID crisis. Have no fear now, a junglist digs dnb, but it's not necessary to know something about it. Hmmm... or is it? In this section we at RSA can provide you with some junglist knowledge in form of a vocabulary. It's nice and chill to know if you want to find your way in the big jungle, and it could be handy if you're lookin' for the type of dnb you'd like to hear, or specific term meaning, or whatever. And thanks to everyone for all the help I got to make this vocab become true! Big up ya'll...

What the fuck is this?!
)EIB( Bad Company
2 step beat See Breakbeat
Acetate See Dubplate
Ambient See Intelligent drum 'n bass
Amen break The most well known breakbeat used in drum 'n bass ever. Originally ripped from the track 'Amen, brother' by The Winstons.
Anthem A well known and praised track in a scene.
Apache break Another well known dnb break, also used in hiphop a lot. Comes from Michael Viner's Incredible Bongo Band, who did a cover from 'Apache' by the Shadows.
Artcore See Intelligent drum 'n bass
As we enter (speech) As we enter the music session
Babylon Jamaican term, referring to oppressors of the people, like police and authorities. Also means things like bad vibes or the source of evil.
Back 2 back Also known as Tag Team. A DJ set done by two or more DJ's, taking turns with mixing after one or two tracks.
Bad bwoy Big nasty bloke who's mostly involved in crime, and is always dominating and pushing people over at parties and the street, but it can also be used in a positive style (Mr Grits is a bad bwoy ;) ).
Bass flex A system in cables and audio equipment that makes the bass more audible. It reduces the amount of voltage when the bass signal goes through the cables.
Beatboxing Imitating beats and other sounds by using the mouth for the sound, and the hands against the mouth for a certain resonance.
Big things a gwaan (speech) Big things are going on
Big up (speech) A shout out. Used in greeting and showing respect to someone.
Bizness The business
Blud claat (speech) I don't give a fuck... (refers to bloodclot, see also Bumboclaat)
Bogle A Jamaican reggae dance, popularized by the likes of Buju Banton. Other famous dances are 'Butterfly', 'Bruk Wine' and 'World Dance'.
Boh (speech) Imitating the sound of a gunshot
Booka (speech) See Boh
Boombastic Something extra large
Boomshot (speech) See Boh
Booya (speech) See Boh
Booyakasha (speech) See Boh
Breakbeat A breakbeat is either 1) a beat from a break in a track (like the amen or apache break, hence the name!) or 2) another name for hardcore back in the days (see Hardcore for more details, but there is a chance this name for it was mostly used outside the UK, since 'hardcore' is quite a universal term also concerning hardrock and rap variables) or 3) what they call the music style 'Breakz' these days.
Breakcore This form of drum 'n bass has been formed by the likes of Technical Itch and Dylan, and basically stands for a very hard and dark sound, where the amen breaks play a big role. Breakcore is breaks on it's loudest; raw basswork, dark ambiance, and breaks pounding in all possible ways over the top.
Breakdown A breakdown is a 'chilled' bit from a tune, which might be followed by a drop (depends on the tune's structure). You can have a drop without a breakdown or a breakdown without a drop ;).
Brock out Really going out of your mind when a certain wicked track hits the dancefloor, and dance to it with all your love.
Bumboclaat Also known as Claat. It means clot (as in bloodclot), but Claat is often preceded by words like Batty, Blood, Raas and Pussy, which form curse words. So watch out when you use these words, especially if you're going as a white cunt on a trip to Kingston Town in Jamaica, and you start thinking loud up of possible Claatword combinations. There can be a chance you'll return in a coffin with a cross on top.
Bust out Break out, like 'Bad Company just bust out on da scene!'
Choon See Chune
Chune A tune or song
Claat See Bumboclaat
Clownstep This is not really a drum 'n bass style. Originally, Keaton said about the track Bodyrock by Andy C & Shimon that it reminded him of dancing clowns. Who thought of the term 'clownstep' is a mystery, but it should refer to typical cheesy, happy jumpup tunes. Clownstep is often a naughty word to the true junglist, mainly because it's a term used by people who can't appreciate some of the new flows in dnb, although that's what dnb has always been about.
Crew See Massive
Criss Something new or good
Danger (speech) Watch out! (usually said before a tune drops by the MC)
Dapa-Don See Don
Dark (speech) See Wicked
Darkstep Hardstep can have a happy, funky, jazzy sound now and then but darkstep is the opposite. Very dark and doomy, but it doesn't have to be as rough as techstep. Just as the name says, it's hardstep with a dark sound.
Deal wid the matter (speech) Dealing right with the business, standard slogan from MC Skibadee
Deck See Turntable
Distortion If a sound goes beyond it's threshold, it's distorted. It's mostly recognized as an hard, unnatural, overloaded and screwed sound, but not necessarily bad. Fuck no, especially not in rough dnb.
DJ Short for 'Disc Jockey'. This person makes sure you actually hear music at a party.
DJ set See Set
Don Stemming from mafia language, the Don is the guy that runs all things proper and smooth, with style and finesse, and is in the drum 'n bass scene the 'god' or ultimate musician of wicked sounds and intense style. Grooverider is called Don a lot for example.
Double drop A DJ trick where two records are being timed to go silent and drop simultaneously at the same moment. This can have very interesting audible results with much impact.
Drill 'n bass A very experimental drum 'n bass form, which mostly doesn't sound like usual dnb at all. A lot of artists who produce drill 'n bass don't even call it a drum 'n bass form, like some productions of the likes of Aphex Twin & Squarepusher. Drill 'n bass is, just like clownstep for example, a term where people argue over a lot. Simply put you can call it drum 'n bass without any rules.
Drop The part after the intro of a track that demonstrates the tune's full potential. You can mostly hear the drop coming at the end of the intro, and you can be sure when most intro sounds are gone, the tune is quite a bit louder, and people around you on the dancefloor start to freak out, expecting the same from you.
Drum 'n bass Dance music consisting out of fast breakbeats and deep basses over it. Drum 'n bass or dnb took the place of jungle for a more open minded and peaceful atmosphere with more space for different musical influences. In time drum 'n bass also created many substyles, but the corename has always stayed the same for now.
Dubplate If a producer finishes a tune, it is important that he can test it at a rave. Only after that he can give it to the big DJ names, eventually in an altered form. That's why producers press their tunes on dubplate first. Dubplates are metal plates with a thin layer of acetate, they're mostly about 30 quid to press on special dubplate cutters, made by the likes of Numark, but they don't last very long since acetate is softer than vinyl. Dubplates stem from the Jamaican reggae roots where MC's were challenged to rhyme for a sound system, crew or DJ. During a reggae soundclash they are the most important assets for a DJ. First press dubplates keeps the DJ elite of the scene elite. For the next stage see Test press.
Ear plugs Ear protection which filters out high tones which fuck up your ears and can result in Tinnitus. Good to have with you when a DJ is on acid or crack and he doesn't know what the fuck he's doing with the volume sliders anymore.
Firefight break See Tramen break
Firefly break See Tramen break
Flex Doing something, spin the decks, going for the job. Like 'flex the turntables' or 'flex the mic'.
Flyer A pamflet which promotes a rave. Any selfrespecting flyer at least states the DJ line-up, the pocket damage, the location, time and possible refusal if you plan to wear your lederhosen.
Frequency The type of sound. Low frequencies represent bass (low tones), high frequencies treble (high tones).
Gwaan (speech) Go on
Gwidaan (speech) Going down
Hardcore In the early days people still used to call jungle and drum 'n bass hardcore, referring to the UK hardcore style which has been around from '89 until '94. This style contained also low basses with much slower breaks, happy melodies, and early techno and acid house influences. Although the term is still confused with jungle and drum 'n bass sometimes, it has no relevance to the two anymore. The later UK hardcore tunes indeed looked a lot like jungle/drum 'n bass tunes (see Jungle Techno), but when one part of the UK hardcore turned into happy hardcore and the other into jungle, the term hardcore lost it's relevance to dnb for good.
Hardstep A rougher form of drum 'n bass. It sounds more aggressive and the drums and the basses are louder.
Hear dis (speech) Listen to this
Headphones Piece of audio equipment which is used by the DJ while mixing his records for monitoring the whole mix.
Hoover In many old techno tracks you can hear the Hoover sound, also known as Reese. This sound was created by Kevin 'Reese' Saunderson, and apparently made with one of the Roland Alpha Juno synths. The Mentasm sound was a high pitched Hoover and was exploited around '93 a lot by the likes of Metalheadz and Rufige Kru, and pushed forward by the likes of Joey Beltram (used the 'What the...' factory preset from one of the Alpha Juno synths) and the Prodigy (Charly). Also, 'Bodyrock' from Andy C & Shimon for example contains a Mentasm sound.
Intelligent drum 'n bass Also known as mellow or artcore. Very light drum 'n bass, but it can be very spacey. Mostly the best form of dnb to chill out on. Contains mostly ambient elements.
Intro Begin part of a song until the first drop, to get you in the mood of a track, and it's the time for the DJ to mix the records correctly before the drop comes.
Irie (speech) All cool, under control
Jazz jungle See Jazzstep
Jazz 'n bass See Jazzstep
Jazzstep Also known as jazz jungle and jazz 'n bass. Simply drum 'n bass with jazz elements over it, and was originated around '95. These days a lot of jazzjungle is played out live, which is wicked to see. Big jazzstep names are Peshay, Omni Trio and Fabio.
Jump up A rude, but not necessarily dark form of dnb. Originated around '95, jump up is the style of dnb that still keeps the most roots of oldskool dnb. It has uplifting vibes, with a bassline that makes you move and fast smashing breaks. A lot of the times the bassline sounds groovy and a lot of hiphop is used in it. Good examples are Joker records, Roni Size, Urban takeover & DJ Hype.
Jungle Dance music consisting out of fast breakbeats and deep basses over it. Jungle is the predecessor of drum 'n bass, and is a bit slower with more complicated breaks. The style found it's roots from the hardcore/jungle techno scenes (see Hardcore and/or Jungle techno) and the reggae/ragga scenes, and originated in the UK city projects around '94. The style faded away around '96 and turned into drum 'n bass because of it's violent atmosphere around it's raves, but artists like Congo Natty still push the style.
Jungle techno A style which formed the bridge between UK hardcore and jungle, and was around in '93 to '94. It's a considerable fact that the origins of dark drum 'n bass lie here, just listen to tunes from Rufige Kru (Goldie), Grooverider and Bizzy B from those days.
Junglette A girl who is into drum 'n bass. See Junglist for term roots.
Junglist A bloke who is into drum 'n bass. The term stems from 'The Gardens' aka Jungle in Kingston Town, Jamaica, where MC's in dancehalls during reggae party's referred to people from the Jungle as junglists. The Jungle is an impoverished part of Kingston Town, notorious for gangsters, politics, guns and outlaws. Some people say the original Jamaican junglist used to fire blanks when he really liked a tune or wanted a rewind.
Liquid funk In the new age producers like Carlito, Addiction and Calibre put intelligent jungle into a sort of mix between deep beats, light flowing basslines and a very funky sound, with elements of jazz fusion and acid jazz. It's lighter than jazzstep and heavier than intelligent, and was named after the name of the album Carlito released in 2000. So not too heavy and not too light flowing dnb, and soft funky jazz sounds.
Massive group of (united) junglists, part of the drum 'n bass scene.
Maximum boost Maximum shout out props
MC MC means Master of Ceremony or Mic Chatter, and was invented when hiphop lay in the cradle, because the DJ's needed someone to support the audience to dance. MC's in hiphop are more important than the DJ mostly and the big act, but not in dnb. There they are still the dancefloor innovators who accompany the main man, the DJ. Funny is that MC's in Jamaica are called DJ's, and the DJ's selectors.
Mellow See Intelligent drum 'n bass
Mentasm See Hoover
Mixer Piece of audio equipment which is used by the DJ to mix his records spinning on the turntables. Also used for adding effects to the DJ set and controlling the overall sound.
Mompi Oversized Don
Neurofunk This style of dnb is easily confused with technoid. You could say it's more melodic and less minimal as technoid, and not as hard. Good examples are Ed Rush & Optical, Matrix, Grooverider & Bad Company.
Newskool dnb Drum and bass from say '99 until now. Rise of the 2-step style.
Nuff respect (speech) Enough respect
Off beat mixing A way of mixing done by the DJ where a record is mixed a single or more measures sooner or later than the other so it creates a so called 'cannon' effect.
Oh gosh danger (speech) Usually said by MC's who announce a big breakdown or drop in a session.
Ol eep (speech) See Whole heap
Oldskool hardcore See Hardcore
Original The one and only
Outro The ending of a track, building off to silence, time for the DJ to mix the next record if he hadn't done already or his set is ending.
Pocket damage The amount of money you pay to enter a rave.
Promo See White label
Proper (speech) The real deal
Pull up A moment in a set when the DJ just lifts the needle of the record when the crowd is going bezerk. A less popular variation of a rewind.
Rave A dancehall party. As a music style one of the daddy's of dnb, see Hardcore. Also simply another word for a dnb party.
Record A big round flat thing made of vinyl where music comes out when you put a needle on it and you spin it around at a certain speed. Welcome to our planet btw!
Reese See Hoover
Refrain A part of a track repeated some times, mostly unchanged.
Rewind The effect of reversing a record after the drop of a track just came, stopping it, and playing it again. Sometimes new records get a rewind even before the drop. Happens mostly to well known and praised tunes supported by the crowd and/or MC. Also very handy for mixing fuckups, but to keep a set tight it shouldn't be done too often. See also the variation Pull up.
Ride The needle playing or riding over the record, the music session.
Rinse out A metaphor for a really good set done by a DJ. Stems originally from Jamaica, where it refers to pulling the trigger of a gun and let the bullets fly (rinse someone out). In this example, a DJ can rinse the crowd out by the fast repeating snarehits heard a tune. So a rinsing tune is ammunition for a good rinse out.
Roller A tune with not too light and not too heavy breaks, iow just rolling nicely.
Rude bwoy Stems from Jamaican slang, adopted in the ska era. A rebellish music lover, in Jamaica known for their stylish clothing and switchblades.
Runninz (speech) The way things run or go down
Sample Piece of sound
Scene A group of people representing a typical culture. See also Massive.
Scratching Many say this originated at the start of the 80's with Herbie Hancock's 'Rockit'. The DJ manually moves the record back and forth over the needle, which with the help of the crossfader is measured with the other record playing. Scratching these days grew out into a whole culture on it's own, called Turntablism. Artists performing this are for example DJ Craze, Q Bert and DJ Shadow.
Selector A person who chooses the tunes for the DJ to play, but mostly it refers to the DJ him or herself. In Jamaica a metaphor for DJ anyway.
Set A complete DJ performance.
Sound bwoy Opposite of a bad bwoy. A passive dnb bloke.
Stab A sharp, short, and loud noise or tone in a tune which is very noticeable. Like the sound 'stabs' you in the ears by it's directness.
Subwoofer Part of a loudspeaker, responsible for the bass sound. Make sure you never roll a dnb choon with this part missing.
Tag Team See Back 2 back
Tear out See Rinse out
Technoid Not to be confused with the techstep or neurofunk styles, technoid is generally seen as dnb with typical influences from techno and trance, that can be heard in the bouncy beats and tight bleepy melodylines. So it's not the cheesy jumpup style nor the dark mashing techstep, but more in between. Good examples are Stakka & Skynet, Black Sun Empire, Noisia, Kemal & Cause 4 Concern.
Techstep One of the roughest forms of dnb. This style can be compared with hardcore, techno, even metal, but then with rough distortion synths and screaming basses and bezerk drums. Most popular form these days, invented around '96 by the likes of Trace and Ed Rush.
Test press The stage coming after the dubplate press. If a dubplate is a success, the tune is pressed on vinyl in the smallest amount allowed by the factory. It's spread to more people than with the dubplate press. For the process after this see White label.
Think break Another popular dnb break from Lyn Collin's 'Think (about it)'. There are more general used breaks in this song btw.
Tighten up break A much sampled breakbeat from the most sampled artist ever, James Brown.
Tinnitus If you listen too much to your walkman on max volume or you go see techstep raves everynight, something shitty like this can occur after a while. It's a form of hearing loss, if your hairs in your ears pick up too much noise they can get overcooked and keep sending impulses to your brain, which results in a constant high pitched tone hearable in your ear, which muffles to noise from the original sound heard. For a solution see Ear plugs.
Tramen break Also known as Firefly or Firefight break. This is basically a fucked up Amen break, the name Tramen comes from DJ Trace who fucked an amen beat up and gave it this name, and it became well known. For example Nitrous by Bad Company contains this break (plus tons more).
Trance 'n bass See Trancestep
Trancestep This is basically trance with drum 'n bass under it instead of a housebeat. Many say this style of dnb was invented by John B, and that he has been the only guy so far who's been making it. Although this is not true, most junglists don't even care. Because trancestep is made to appeal more to the masses, pure dnb heads who want to keep the music underground are mostly disgusted by it.
Trainwreck A mixing fuckup by a DJ. Can be resolved by a Pull up or Rewind.
Tribe A scene of peepz
Trust me (speech) Believe me
Turntable Piece of audio equipment where DJ's spin their records on. For the true Martians under us; it takes two of them to tango...
Turntablism See Scratching
Underground Basically every form of culture which isn't used to make money with for the masses. Cultural styles which are non-commercialized refer to underground, which is mostly seen as the place where new flows originate and cultural flows are protected from influences which are seen as abusive and bad for them. Since drum 'n bass has never really been commercially exploited, many people still see it as an underground style.
UK hardcore See Hardcore
Valve Soundsystem According to the Guiness Book of World Records, this soundsystem created by Dillinja is the loudest soundsystem on the planet. It was specially designed for bass sounds, in terms of hearing the fullest bass sound possible. When hearing it, its is more the physical sensation that counts since the bass itself is unaudible. Earplugs are freely distributed where the soundsystem can be heard (except for that one time I saw it in Brum, my health insurance covered fuck all)
Vinyl Records are made of vinyl, you know those big black rounds flat things where music comes out. If you hear someone who has to do with records talking about vinyl, he or she means records.
VJ Short for 'Video Jockey'. This person gets video visuals at parties done for people who are too tripped and/or tired to dance for a while, and to set a special mood for a rave.
Watch dis (speech) Listen to this
Watch the ride (speech) A metaphor for watching the needle 'ride' on your decks, iow listening carefully to the tunes you spin, keeping an eye on your needle playing and watch where you take your set.
Whaap (speech) What's up
White label The phase coming after test press. A lot of white labels (records with a white label which mostly say no more then the trackname, artist and label) of a vinyl are made to get them to selected radio stations and music stores. In this way DJ's can get their hands on the copy of a tune way before it's officially released, but not all labels work with White label releases.
Who pon the mic (speech) Who's on the mic
Whole heap (speech) Lot's of... (MC Skibadee style)
Wicked (speech) cool, phat (positively meant)
X-amount An uncertain or large amount (of bass for example)
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