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Welcome to Logikz's section. Needs no introduction for many, being the former 2079-e crew leader and a strong connection to RSA for many years now, Logikz moved from Sweden to Amsterdam in 2004 and hooked officially up with us to bring his new tunage to the world. So enjoy his creations here, on RSA...

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Style: Techfunk
Format: MP3
Playing time: 4:38
Release date: October 2008
Written in a 100% digital enviroment, based around the apache and the 45 king breaks, this is a moody slice of 1998 styled darkstep full of atmosphere, edits and pulsating sub bass, featuring the robotic voice of Ogre from Skinny Puppy.

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Style: Techstep
Format: MP3
Playing time: 6:29
Release date: March 2008
The jungle vibe run strong in this tune, amen edits and dubby bits over a big old breakbeat, ravey melody and lush pad intro, the three piece buiscit, the waters of Nazareth, so listen as loud as you can.

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Style: Techstep
Format: MP3
Playing time: 5:31
Release date: June 2007
Retrenched dub delays steppy step breakbeats with the large knock 808s and skanky ska brass. In a way, it's a Streetsweeper remake, which will be back online shortly. Flash up ya lighta!

Chunk (feat. Splinter)
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Style: Techstep
Format: MP3
Playing time: 6:30
Release date: March 2007
A subtle, somewhat minimal piece of classic techstep. Not pushing the envelope so much as trying to perform within it. Boasting a plenthora of warped synths and barking riffs backed by a wave of subs and steppy breaks, this is, chunky to say the least.

A song for Pia (Give it straight)
Download - Listen
Style: Techstep
Format: MP3
Playing time: 5:57
Release date: July 2006
A hardcore breakbeat and a sub comin' out your speaker. Come out tonight, there's a rave and we're all going!! Dubby ravey gangsta jungle dedicated to a special girl.

Download - Listen
Style: Techstep
Format: MP3
Playing time: 6:01
Release date: June 2006
Logikz on top of his sofa, a beast of a tune allowing no confusion for the minds of those he tries to reach out to. This represents Logikz's twisted mind like he hasn't shown us yet! Nonetheless, a phat roller of pure grey quality.

Day of the ape
Download - Listen
Style: Techstep
Format: MP3
Playing time: 5:01
Release date: December 2004
Log's first official RSA release is a dark techy breaker and cold as steel. Pumping hoovers, crazy synths and rattling beats will stomp on you, having a nice slight Metalheadz taste. Check this as the day of the ape is near...

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