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After a long time of hard work, we pulled it off... our new label Eastern Promise Audio is online! Check out its new beautiful website and download its first exclusive promotional mix right now! Its first release is scheduled for September and expect us to go live with this on Facebook and Twitter soon as well (making us finally enter the new era of social networking, phew). RSA will soon be updated and transformed as well to a smaller size where you can still find your trusty crew's free releases and other material that stays separated from our new label. RSA forever baby... now feel free to have a look at our new prodigy in the meantime!

Although because of the Reactor Studios Show bi-weekly on Jungletrain we have stopped hosting mixes every month, we put five of our finest archived mixes online in the DJ mixes section for your enjoyment. Get them while they're up there, we might replace them from time to time with something new!

All our tunes are back online! We succesfully switched webhosts and are slowly cleaning up the mess... The RSA mixes are temporarily offline, but will soon be replaced by a serie of brand new mixes as heard on our show on Jungletrain. Happy listening again!

Dear visitors, after two years of no updates you would assume we're dead. Well, guess what... we're not. Ha - ha - ha. We are still RSA, we are still Grits, Logikz, Phuture-T, Splinter, Drome, Dam Nation, Omega Apes et al. and our new digital label Eastern Promise Audio is on the verge of liftoff on Do not click, its not launched yet but will be very soon.
As you may have noticed, all RSA material is offline for the time being since we are switching webhosts and are experiencing the usual delay, fuckups and miscommunication. The RSA website will not disappear when Eastern Promise Audio goes live; in fact, it will remain with tunes we offer you for free, which makes RSA still a free outlet, with EPA as our professional outlet. In the meantime, we want to direct you to our Soundcloud pages for checking out our latest tunes, as well as checking the first slickness there of our new label!. Also, the Jungletrain show is still on, so keep visiting Jungletrain to hear us live! Get bogling:
Eastern Promise Audio Soundlcoud
Phuture-T Soundlcoud
Splinter Soundcloud
Reactor Grits Soundcloud
So for now: One love, love you all for checking back, and keep it real. Do not succumb to dubstep/progressive electro/sirenhouse gayness.

- Grits

Happy newyear all junglists and trusty visitors. A heavy year awaits RSA, in terms of the new site and digital label (2 big reasons why we sucked at updates lately) just like the radio show which began last year. We want to thank all the listeners for keeping tuning in, and especially now that Splinter has joined forces on the show now as well, you better stay onboard (sometimes calling your boss a c@#t can do wonders)! Since a lot of RSA stuff is being signed now, we can't put too much online and that's why the new digital label will be a major outcome we think! Keep watching this space, things are about to change!
For now, we are just happy and proud to present the 4th installment in Phuture-T's 'When evening falls in the Dam' series recorded at the Reactor Studios Show live on Jungletrain, and this time an amazing over 2.5 hours olskool session featuring more than 50 of the most deep and true jungle techno tunes blended as tight as a Famiglia Reposado Havana... go fetch it now in the 'DJ mixes' section!

We rejoice Logikz' new solo work entitled 'Spectre', an amazing blend of oldskool 1998 style breakage holding an amazing dark atmosphere and break experiments which brings a clash to drumfunk and techstep as no one can do it but Log. Expand your mind and check this in the Logikz section of 'RSA tunes'!

And now the moment is here... new RSA tunage. And, well, some of the most delicate until now. Straighten seats please.
First off, Dam Nation is back. Not just with 'a' tune, but an 'Anthem' trilogy consisting out of 3 movements telling a coherent story about the spectra of Dam Nation through breakbeat, jungle and ambient. If you want to grasp DN's sound to it's fullest potential, get this trilogy, listen to it in order and see what we mean. Dam Nation's ultimate monster project is here, and you can get it in the Dam Nation section of 'RSA tunes'!
Next, finally Drome's debut has been released and we can only say it's beautiful. 'Tidal wave' tells a story about life itself, it's beauty and pace through liquid sounds unheard before. Be amazed and find this tune in the all new Drome section in 'RSA tunes'!

Hope you all had a great summer like we had. Sorry about forgetting the September mix, we're posting it up anyway along with the October mix. Both mixes are done by Phuture-T, and continuations of his 'When evening falls in the Dam' mixes (parts 2 & 3) and were both recorded at the Reactor Studios Show live on Jungletrain. Those who heard the broadcasts know, get them in the 'dj mixes' section!
Also, Splinter's 'Beneath the ruins' has been released on Breakfast-Audio! The tune has been removed from RSA, but you can now get it here in SURPREME quality for almost nothing:
Upcoming gigs have also been updated in the DJ gigs section, so get your diaries and have a look. Phuture-T has joined forces with the dutch Pitchcontrol crew as resident DJ, and his first appearance will at their nights will be listed there as well!
Expect some dangerous new producing material later this month, including Drome's debut and all new Dam Nation tunage!

We hadn't had the chance to update things for a while, study and work were prevailing! That didn't mean nothing happened the last 2 months, so here are the facts:
* Phuture-T's new tune 'Singularity' has been signed to the Mac II label
*Splinter's tune 'Beneath the ruins' has been signed to the Break-Fast Audio label
*Logikz is negotiating a release for 'Zerozero' with the Urban Anarchy label
This is calling of course for taking things in a new direction, and also a partial explanation for the lack of updates. What we're working on at the moment is as following:
*A new RSA site (yes, the third!)
*A digital label - yes our very own, meaning our new material will be profesionally mastered and available in high quality for mixing, for a low price. Any tunage not meeting the high standards will still be available for free!
*Closer cooperation with more dnb crews fitting our sound and ideology, more about this later..
So yes, RSA is going to change and we all hope for the best! With the success of the Reactor Studios Show on Jungletrain and the growing quality this was inevitable, so next year's celebration of 10 years of RSA on the web might be a bang! For now, we have to leave you with all this news and nip out for summer break from which we will return in August. We do have a very special treat for you this summer, being on the 'DJ mixes' page and consisting out of 3 top notch dnb sets which are:
*Phuture-T B2B Splinter - Reactor Studios show #3, 18-04-'08
*Paludal (Utreg Massive) B2B Phuture-T - Reactor Studios Show #6, 30-05-'08 (a close 3 hour set!)
*Phuture-T - When evening falls in the dam mix, 02-06-'08 (fall-in on Jungletrain)

Have a blazing summer ya'll (or go stuff ya * )! - The RSA crew

We postponed our RSA April mix on purpose this year, since we didn't want to make it look like an April fools joke (that's actually bollocks since we were too busy with other stuff which resulted in not posting it on time, so here's one anyway).
Ok, the news is that RSA now has it's own dnb show on Jungletrain called 'The Reactor Studios Show'! It will be on bi-weekly ever Friday CET from 16.00-18.00 and will be hosted by Phuture-T who will do the music with Splinter and support from the whole RSA crew. We will update the site according to all these changes soon, so keep looking here.
The whole first broadcast from the 21st of March is now available for download in the 'DJ Mixes' section, over 2 hours long of the finest stampede by Phuture-T!

Last but not least, check our 'RSA DJ Gigs' section for 2 upcoming gigs you're just crazy not to go to when your're in the Netherlands. It involves a special RSA night featuring Dread's Serum, plus RSA live on Queensday along with 21 other dnb crews playing all day and night...

Logikz & Splinter bless us with a new tune, black as tar, called 'Crimson'. This time with guestvocalist Matty, the gentlemen exchange the tech direction for a nightmarish, atmospheric ride. Find it in the 'Collaborations' section in 'RSA tunes'!
Also solo takes Logikz it to yet another level with 'Zerozero', an eerie but swinging smasher full of jungle vibes. Don't miss it out in Logikz' section in 'RSA tunes'!
Phuture-T was on CE radio (Jungletrain) hosted by June Miller and El Maria last month to do an oldskool set that teared the roof off. So it became the RSA mix for this month, which can be fetched it in the 'DJ mixes' section...

Dam Nation challenges you again to bear their new tune 'Begotten', a dark and mysterious piece of techstep defining once again the meaning of postmodern jungle. Get it from the Dam Nation section in 'RSA tunes'!
Just as hard hits Splinter again with his new stormer 'Ancient city'. After 'Beneath the ruins' became a classic, this tune is here to become just that. Thumping drumworks and blazing subs are awaiting you at the Splinter section in 'RSA tunes'...
More work is in progress including new Logikz and Phuture-T material!

The February mix of this year holds Phuture-T's blazing set he recently did on Utreg Massive Radio @ Jungletrain. Get it in the 'DJ mixes' section. Also, more RSA live action is coming your way, so be sure to also check the 'RSA DJ gigs' section and join us for the party!

The forum admins have revived our forum! Some slight errors might still circulate, but at least the banter is back in the field. Big these men up!

A happy newyear to all our people out there! Being frank, we didn't start the year too well since our forum is undergoing trouble due to server upgrades from our webhost. This means we need our forum maintainer to fix this, but since he is very busy this can take a while. When it's done, you'll read it here!

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